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Nome Dominio relasjonsledelse-norge.no

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Paese Norvegia Norvegia
Regione Oslo County
Città Oslo
Longitudine 10.6763
Latitudine 59.9261
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Domain Information

NORID Handle...............: REL333D-NORID
Domain Name................: relasjonsledelse-norge.no
Registrar Handle...........: REG406-NORID
Tech-c Handle..............: IH123R-NORID
Name Server Handle.........: DNSI145H-NORID
Name Server Handle.........: DNSI152H-NORID
Name Server Handle.........: DNSI2513H-NORID
Name Server Handle.........: DNSI2514H-NORID
Name Server Handle.........: DNSI2515H-NORID
Name Server Handle.........: DNSI74H-NORID

Additional information:
Created: 2009-10-06
Last updated: 2023-09-08

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